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The Gallery of Modern Art 'Albatique'

posted: August 1, 2007

Last weekend I visited 'The Gallery of Modern Art Albatique' at a private residence in the maple forest of Rigaud Mountain. When I arrived I was amazed by the beauty of the location – The art work was displayed outside amongst the many trees and it felt as though there were no other houses for miles around. The surrounding nature presented a perfect backdrop to the colourful paintings. The featured artists were Tom Araya, Andres Aliaga & Alejandro Senn from Chili; Bertrand Lavoie & Betty Marok from Canada; and Papus & Ibrahima Barry from Guinea. There was a large selection of art and a wide variety of styles – It wasn't hard to envision many of the works displayed in my home.

I loved the dream-like oil paintings by Papus Barry and I was fascinated by the detail in many of Alejandro Senn's large, colourful pieces. My friend fell in love with one of Senn's portraits and took home a miniature print. I had the opportunity to meet some of the artists and everyone was warm and welcoming, offering refreshments and answering any questions I had about the artists and their work.

Visiting the outdoor 'Albatique' gallery was a peaceful and refreshing experience and I would recommend attending future exhibitions.

- Katie Dee

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