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Childhood Memories of Hudson

Article by John Blais

posted Sept 29, 2007


I am orginally from Montreal and now reside in Ottawa. I remember taking family trips to Hudson when I was a child. This goes back to the 60's and 70's. As a child I always enjoyed the trip because it was my escape from the daily concrete world I knew. Hudson and the surrounding area became a new playground full of adventure and tranquility. My wife is from London Ontario and I recently took her through Hudson on our way back to Ottawa from visiting family in Montreal. She was spellbound by the beauty and sense of community.

We stumbled upon a home for sale that was walking distance to the elementary school. We were immediately taken in by the comfort of the home and neighbourhood. Our 5 year old son immediately ran towards the backyard and made himself at home. When he spotted the school he asked if he could go there. When we asked him why, his response was a simple smile. I saw my memories of the area resurfacing through his eyes. What a wonderous feeling that is.

My wife currently runs a daycare and dreams of opening an arts and crafts store (yarn and knitting tea store). I, on the other hand, work in the IT industry but have worked in home renovation for some time. As this is my true passion, I intend on opening a renovation company on the small scale. We sometimes wonder if there are demands in Hudson for these types of businesses. It would not take much arm twisting for us to move. If not to become part of , and contribute to the community, to simply watch our son build his own memories of the area are priceless and reassuring that he would be in a safe, solid, and sound community.

My two cents...


John Blais